Lab night guards and Retainers

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Lab night guards and Retainers

Bruxism or the involuntary grinding and clenching of teeth, predominantly during sleep,exerts a huge amount of force on teeth and cause them to break, fracture, chip, or crack.Severe Bruxism has also been linked to complex health issues like sleep apnea and TMD.

Night guards are worn by patients suffering from Bruxism to protect their teeth from being damaged due to the involuntary clenching and grinding. At Murray Dental, we provide professionally designed lab night guards, using impressions of your mouth for a perfect fit and extreme comfort.

Why should you choose a lab night guard over over-the-counter night guard?

Dentists recommend professionally designed lab night guards over the ones available in department stores due to various reasons. The table given below highlights the advantages and benefits of lab night guards over the over-the-counter available night guard.

S.NoParameterLab night guardsOver-the- counter night guards
2Custom-designed using impressions of the mouth.
3Fit snugly in the mouth and do not exert pressure on the surrounding tissues, teeth, and other oral structures.
4Protect teeth and jaws from wear and tear due to involuntary clenching and grinding while not disturbing the patient's bite.
5Customizable. The patient can choose the material of fabrication depending on the severity of Bruxism.

What are retainers?

Braces provide the first stage orthodontic treatment for crooked teeth and move them into their ideal position, while retainers provide the last stage treatment and hold the teeth in their new position. Teeth tend to shift back to their original position. Hence, retainers are worn overnight to prevent them from drifting and leading to orthodontic problems.

Other than holding teeth in their position, retainers also provide the following benefits:

  • Straight teeth are important for good oral and overall health. Retainers help maintain straight teeth and provide for a better chewing ability, which helps one consume a nutritious diet. Straight are also easy to clean and maintain; hence, providing good oral hygiene.
  • Crooked teeth hard to clean and maintain, which leads to poor oral health and poor oral health has been closely linked with diabetes. Wearing retainers to keep teeth straight teeth help one avoid diabetes-related ailments.
  • Retainers are also worn by kids to help their breathing at night. These are special retainers which also solve snoring-related issues.
  • Special retainers are also worn by kids to adjust their tongue placement, which solves their speech impediments and allow them to pronounce words correctly.

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