Tooth-matched fillings are used to aesthetically repair damaged or decayed teeth. Dental fillings are most commonly used to restore teeth that are damaged by cavities, which are caused by tooth decay. Tooth-matched fillings, which are also known as white, composite, or tooth-colored fillings, are created using composite resin. Our talented Cupertino, California dentist will match the color of the composite resin to your natural tooth color to ensure that your restoration blends in naturally with your smile. To place the tooth-matched dental filling, Dr. Murray will remove the decayed portion of the tooth, clean the tooth, and fill it in with composite resin. She will carefully shape and polish the dental filling to ensure that it fits your smile comfortably. We can place your tooth-matched filling in just one painless, pleasant visit to our comfortable dental office. We invite you to call or visit us at Murray Dental Care today to learn more about how a tooth-matched filling can improve your smile!