Do you ever feel nervous or anxious about visiting the dentist? If so, nitrous oxide conscious sedation is the perfect solution for you. Nitrous oxide is a gas that you inhale during your dental treatment to help you feel more relaxed and calm. Because nitrous oxide is a form of conscious sedation, you will not sleep during your dental treatment; however, you may not remember portions of your visit. Nitrous oxide is safe and effective, and the results wear off within minutes of the end of the treatment. You are even legal to drive following your appointment! Our caring dentist, Dr. Murray, and her dental team are dedicated to providing you with a positive, enjoyable dental experience, and we are pleased to offer nitrous oxide to help us meet this goal. For more information on how nitrous oxide conscious sedation can make your dental visit more comfortable, we welcome you to contact our dental office in Cupertino, California soon. We are committed to enhancing your dental experience!