Cosmetic reshaping is a conservative, affordable dental treatment that can improve the appearance of your smile. If you are interested in adjusting the shape, length, or surface of your teeth, cosmetic reshaping might be the solution you need. Cosmetic reshaping involves removing small amounts of the tooth enamel (the outermost layer of the tooth) to enhance your smile. Because tooth enamel has no feeling, cosmetic reshaping is a completely painless dental treatment. Our skilled dentist, Dr. Murray, may recommend cosmetic reshaping if you are interested in improving the appearance of:

  • Teeth with uneven surfaces
  • Minor tooth overlapping
  • Teeth that appear too long
  • Tooth imperfections

In some cases, we may recommend combining cosmetic reshaping with cosmetic bonding to further enhance your smile. In addition to improving the beauty of your smile, cosmetic reshaping can improve the health of your teeth. We invite you to contact our dental office in Cupertino, California today to learn more about how cosmetic reshaping can improve the appearance and health of your smile.