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Did you know there may be several products that you’re drinking that could be slowly destroying your smile due to risks associated with stains and discolorations? If you should happen to suffer any stains or discolorations to your teeth, you will need to make sure that you are using effective teeth whitening treatment systems to eliminate the damage.

If you do have deep stains in discolorations, it is important to assess your diet and determine which products are causing it. If you are routinely drinking substances such as wine and coffee, you could be putting in your mouth at an increased risk for tooth staining hazards. Similarly, smoking and chewing tobacco have also been proven to stain teeth. Thus, avoid unhealthy products as much as possible to maintain a healthy and happy smile.

Not all products are not meant to be chewed on, and when they are, they can cause your teeth to chip and crack. This is because your teeth are only designed for chewing on food. If you try chewing on pencils, ice, or any other products that are not meant to be bitten into, you can easily damage your teeth and gums. Furthermore, biting your nails is a severe oral health risk as it can concentrate your bite force directly on an area of a tooth and lead to serious fractures.

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